Our customers, partners and employees share a passion for business strategies that balance data-driven insight with creative and brand considerations. We help companies move toward evidence-based marketing models because of the tremendous benefits in actionable insight and success.

About Us

DemandResults is an evidence-based marketing company and innovator of cloud marketing products. We help brands align their marketing and sales efforts, resulting in improved insight, efficiency, performance and revenue.

Our unique approach to marketing challenges takes the guesswork out of creative and strategic decisions to deliver real, measurable results.

Our products, RingDNA and SEO for Salesforce, help companies create enlightened and productive sales and marketing campaigns by enabling and automating revenue-based strategies.

How Are Evidence-Based Cultures Implemented?

Implementing an evidence-based culture can be a complex undertaking. With the right partner, tools and training, teams become accustomed to creating concepts that are supported by research, testing various models on specific audience segments, and continuous optimization based on results. Audience-appropriate education is key, and knowledge sharing is essential, emphasizing a circular model of research, conception, refinement, measurement and optimization. With the right structure and approach, innovation and creativity actually flourish, and are driven by the exhilaration of creating and testing new forms of engagement.

What Are The Essential Components of an Evidence-Based Model?

Components and tactics are always industry and audience-specific. Broadly, however, they include sales cycle analysis, content marketing, CRM integration, marketing automation, paid search, keyword testing, SEO, social media marketing, call tracking, Web analytics and more.


Call Analysis

Helping brands understand how much revenue is earned from calls


Marketing Automation

Providing growth throughout every stage of the revenue cycle


Evidence-Based Marketing

Taking the guesswork out of tough creative decisions


Revenue-Based SEO

Driving revenue-generating keywords to the top of search engines